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15 Mai - 15 Oct - Male Roe Deer
01 Aug - 15 Feb - Boar
01 Iul - 31 Mar - Jackal
01 Aug - 31 Mar - Badger
All year - Red Fox

Hunter Laws

1. Know and protect the nature, not only is the life, but a prerequisite of life on earth colored, thereby preserving the human species.

2. Love and respect all life, recognize and guide you by the principle of dignity of all wild animals.

3. Hunter may not become a murderer. The hunter is the "gardener" of all species that are allowed for hunting, in which hands the rifle is not a murderous weapon but a tool to maintain biological balance, remove individuals not conforming to the ecosystem.

4. Hunting is not just a hobby, a sport or a branch of the economy, but a profession, even science, therefore a hunter learn and collect data on life.

5. Give the game a chance! Hunting is not an enemy of yours, and hunting is not a war. The use of modern equipment to hunt, reduces the status of mercenary.

6. Manifest self! Beauty and richness of hunters does not only depend on the number of pieces acquired.

7. Safety is foremost. Self must restrict passion. You have no right to endanger the safety of others, whether or not hunters!

8. Death is so game time of joy and mourning. Behave yourself worthy with the haunted animal, know and respect the hunting tradition.

9. As a hunter really live life, be modest and disciplined in what you do. Do not feed negative feelings.

10. To see every animal lover and nature, and the professional staff or volunteers of environmental protection, an ally. Respect, if you can help those working on the background work of hunting.